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Frequently asked questions

QuickBooks® Advising

My business does not currently use an accounting/bookkeeping software. Will this benefit my business?

Absolutely! It is important to remember that accounting should be used as a tool to help you better understand your business. All businesses should be keeping accurate financial records to monitor their successes, identify weaknesses, plan for the future, and set appropriate goals. An accounting software not only makes it easier to input/track this financial data, but it also allows you to run reports that will give you the insight you need to run your business.

What topics will we cover during our bookkeeping/accounting counseling sessions?

We will tailor each session to best fit the needs of your business. We might spend an entire session on the basic fundamentals of QuickBooks Online, or we might spend the entire session creating a bookkeeping workflow that you can handle on a regular basis. Our sessions will not cover any topics relating to payroll or income taxes.

What is QuickBooks Online®?

QuickBooks Online® ( is a cloud-based accounting platform specifically designed for small business owners. From one central location you can manage your bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory, bills, and easily generate financial reports for your business. All features can be accessed and managed from a web-browser or using the mobile application which means you don't have to worry about backing up or securing your financial data.

What if I prefer to use QuickBooks Desktop or another accounting software instead of QuickBooks Online?

There are many different types of accounting software available to small business owners. If you are happy and organized in your current accounting software, we are pleased to offer counseling on the basic bookkeeping workflow and basic understanding of financial statements.

How much does QuickBooks® Online cost after the first year?

It will likely cost around $25/month to maintain your subscription after the first year. QuickBooks® should be a long-term solution since changing software and processes on a regular basis can be time consuming and not cost-effective.

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